Kamilah A. Massaquoi

Kamilah A. Massaquoi have worked with the Partners of Trimboli & Prusinowski, LLC since 2000 as an Administrative Assistant and Paralegal.

She has over 20 years of experience as a paralegal for civil litigation cases in both the private and public sector and focuses primarily in Corporate and Labor and Employment matters. Kamilah earned her BA in Political Science and Criminal Justice from Kean University in 2001 where she went on to further her studies as a Licensed Professional Counselor.

In 2008 she took on the additional role of Office Manager working closely behind the scenes with the Managing Partner in supporting the firm’s legal practice, billings, technology, marketing, human resources, and coordination of a variety of administrative tasks to facilitate an overall efficient operation of the firm. In general Kamilah is the “Go to” person who has demonstrated her independence and impressive capabilities in instituting time-management and efficiency in managing all aspects of the firm.

Kamilah spends her time away from the office enjoying quality time with her family, music and gardening.

Kamilah A. Massaquoi

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