James T. Prusinowski

Jim, a founding member of the firm, is its managing partner. He represents privately held businesses and public entities serving as their labor/employment counsel. In these capacities, he has represented clients concerning restrictive covenants, wrongful termination claims, harassment claims, civil rights claims, defamation, and contract disputes. He also represents clients before administrative agencies such as the Office of Administrative Law, New Jersey Civil Service Commission, Wage and Hour, Unemployment, agencies overseeing New Jersey pensions, and the Public Employment Relations Commission.

He has handled numerous investigations alleging sexual harassment in the workplace, claims of discriminatory practices based upon age, race and/or disability, whistleblower claims and other alleged wrongful employment claims. He has also defended businesses based upon these types of claims.

He is also experienced in traditional labor law and has negotiated collective bargaining agreements for private employers and public entities; as well as conducted numerous interest and grievance arbitrations.

He has specialized knowledge on constitutional issues that affect businesses such as free speech concerns of employers and employees, defamation claims, search and seizure laws, privacy of data, ownership of information contained on company-owned computers and religious issues in the workplace.

James T. Prusinowski

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