Posted on Tuesday, May 10th, 2022.

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You should do three things each season to tune up your business and make sure that it is in top condition.  By focusing on two to three items each season, you can ensure that the operations are working appropriately without a lot of additional effort.  Your spring agenda:  

1. Update Your Employee Manual: Employment laws regularly change and the Employee Manual needs to be updated to comply with the changes.  A policy review should be done annually.  If significant updates are needed, then a new handbook can be issued.  If there are only a few policies that need to be adjusted, you may be able to send a short notice to the employees and incorporate them into the complete handbook later.  

This is also a good time to review the posted notices to be sure they are up-to-date and prominently posted.  

Trimboli & Prusinowski can review Your Employee Manual and make recommendations concerning modifications and help you determine whether the adjustments warrant a notice or Handbook re-issuance.  

2. Safety and Harassment Training: All of your employees should be trained regarding your company’s (1) safety protocols and (2) harassment and hostile work environments.  If employees are aware of safety issues or have experienced harassment or a hostile work environment, they should be aware of what steps to take to bring it to Your attention so it can be corrected prior to becoming a significant issue.  

Trimboli & Prusinowski has partners that provide live and on-line employee training.  We can recommend what training is best and help ensure that everyone receives proper annual training.  

3. Performance Evaluations: You should conduct employee performance evaluations once or twice a year.  Now is the time to identify what criteria you wish to evaluate, notify the employees of what you will be assessing and conduct a review of all of your employee’s performance to date.  You can maintain a notebook or file with your observations so far this year which can be referenced when you engage with the employee for the formal review.  Tracking employee performance regularly during the year makes it easier to provide a comprehensive evaluation based upon the entire year’s work.  You may get better results by reviewing this with the employees on a quarterly basis. 

Trimboli and Prusinowski’s attorneys work with businesses like yours to implement performance evaluation systems which help identify the employee’s strengths and challenges to help them improve and make Your business more efficient and productive.  

Call Trimboli & Prusinowski today to put your Spring Tune-Up steps together so your business can run more efficiently and productively. 

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