Empolyee Termination

Businesses never enjoy being confronted with the hard decision of terminating an employee. They often want to make the transition as smoothly as possible with the individual while also making sure they’re doing the right thing for the company.

Sometimes the individual is going to be a little litigious and the company is concerned that if they terminate the individual, they may face a wrongful termination suit or other kind of a claim from the individual.

One way we help our clients is putting together a Separation Agreement, which is in a sense an insurance policy. It’s a provide for a certain amount of money that’s going to be paid to the employee and in exchange, the company is going to get a confidentiality agreement and releases. The releases are important because it ensures that the employee is not going to come back and claim wrongful termination or make some other claim against the company after they have left accusing them of terminating them for improper reasons.

We worked with the business to determine what is the right amount of money to offer them. We draft the agreement and navigate the execution of it and make sure that the individual and the business are able to close that chapter and move on.

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