Attorney Client Relationship

A lot of companies that don’t work with attorneys on a regular basis are reluctant to engage with an attorney because they’re concerned about the cost. However, the value and the service an attorney can bring to them may be worth the relationship. I have a client that recently commented to me that he didn’t know that he needed an attorney for his business until he had one.

He had been doing a lot of the problem solving for himself and without really guidance as to what were the options that were out there. But by us coming in and working with him, we were able to identify areas that we could navigate the issues with him based upon our experience of having seen these issues before.

Another client that I’ve recently worked with has been very successful for a number of years. She asked us to do a client agreement that she had had. What she had been using was really an outline of what that relationship would be.

But we put together a full fine arrangement that made it clear what the rights and responsibilities between each party were. And she commented that we’ve never operated this way and she really felt as though having a full agreement was rising her business up to a higher level and showing greater professionalism that comes with it.

So, instead of working on kind of an ad hoc system, she was able to really put a complete system together for herself and for the client.

Finally, I had a client who reached out to me recently and commented that ten years ago when he came to us to review some contractual issues, we were able to navigate those complications that he had and he was able to then go on open up a new business and has been very successful for that time period.

So, we’ve been able to work with a number of clients to shore up the foundation that that they have to ensure that they’re moving forward and growing the business and with the security that they can focus on the business while we’re helping the partner with holding on to those components, allowing them the security of mind that everything is going to be operational for them and trued up.

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